These characteristics and benefits are based on the following five pillars:

  • Robust and reliable free zone law

  • Geographic location

  • Regional connectivity

  • Infrastructure capacity

  • Efficient customs

At Aero Cargas we have built a dedicated team to develop Regional Distribution Centers or Cross Docking operations.

We have proven experience in various industries, with End to End logistics that guarantee the client a single point of contact for the complexity of the entire operation, including:

  • Local service in the countries where the factories of origin are located

  • International transport to Montevideo from anywhere in the world

  • Customs services necessary for the internal transit of the merchandise and its corresponding movement to the warehouse

  • Infrastructure under the Free Trade Zone/Airport or Free Port Law for general merchandise, with a controlled temperature requirement, dangerous or oversized

  • International outbound transport together with the customs clearance service for the departure of the merchandise to its final destination

Our clients can rely from the first moment of contact, with our advice and consultancy based on our experience and on the operations that we handle daily for our clients in that innovative and efficient logistics solution.

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